annual review 2014
Annual review 2014
the problem

Since 1900 more than


of wetlands have been lost through drainage and conversion, and much of the rest have been degraded.

It’s time to reverse this trend.

Source: Nick C. Davidson, 2014

Although peatlands cover only 3% of the global land surface, they store 2 times more carbon than all the world’s forests together and over


of the world’s fresh water resources.

Wetlands act as water sources, sinks and purifiers.

They protect our shores.

They are Earth’s greatest natural carbon stores.

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They support abundant and unique nature.

Wetlands International works to safeguard and restore wetlands to benefit people and nature.

What we achieved in 2011 -2014
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1. Wise use and restoration of 20 wetlands, linked with the development of sustainable livelihoods
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2. Network initiatives result in improved status of selected wetland biodiversity groups
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3. Status of wetland biodiversity is improved in 10 eco-regions
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4. Decisions on the management of waterbird populations are influenced by timely analysis
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5. Implementation of water resource management plans safeguard and restore the role that wetlands play in water
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6. Water and sanitation programmes implemented in 5 WASH initiatives
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7. At least 100 Mt of CO2 emissions avoided by conserving and restoring wetlands
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8. UNFCCC policies provide incentives for reducing emissions and include biodiversity safeguards
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9. Investments in wetland protection and restoration are made through 5 government-led climate change adaptation plans
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10. Resilience to natural hazards is increased through improved environmental management
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11. Change in at least 5 major development schemes, which threaten wetlands or water resources
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12. Industry standards, regulations & practices are improved for at least 3 production systems to prevent the loss of wetlands
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Breakthroughs in 2014

Restoring life to the desert in Senegal.

We showed how returning water flows brings back life in the dried up Ndiael Reserve in the Senegal delta. The African Development Bank now invests around $20mln.

Piloting peatland rewetting in Russia.

Re-wetting of peatlands was carried out in 5000 ha in Russia. We advised on a further 11,200 ha for upscaling and reduction of CO2 emissions and fire risks.

Using our experience to influence global policies.

We used our experience to influence the global post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction (Sendai Framework), giving emphasis to the role of wetlands in reducing the impacts of disasters like floods and droughts and the need to prevent damaging developments that undermine these valuable wetland functions.

Restoring safe water supplies in Uganda.

Altering and zoning land use practices and enabling recovery of wetlands helped to restore drinking water supplies and prevent pollution in Uganda. The Ministry of Water and Environment committed to national replication of the approach.

Helping mangroves to safeguard Indonesia’s eroding coasts.

Based on our successful pilot, which used mangroves to safeguard eroding coasts, the Indonesian government joined us to invest in scaling up the “Building with Nature” approach to a 20km stretch of coastline.

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